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Ward Manufacturing understands that our youth today will be our workforce tomorrow. This is why we proudly host the students of Evanston Township High School in their annual school outing: “Evanston Manufacturing Day” where we hope to inspire and educate the students on career paths and opportunities they were, perhaps previously unaware of. This year, the students were given a tour of our facility, making sure to shed some light on our key areas: Tooling & Die making, Production and our Quality control room. Students learn what machines we work with daily, what the machines do, industry best practices and also how crucial our employees are to our business.

We are extremely proud to say that we currently employ two,  ex Evanston Township High School Students, that have surpassed our expectations and who are a great example to other prospective students that might not be looking at a four year school plan. Check out David’s Video HERE. We cant wait to host this years “Evanston Manufacturing Day”, stay tuned for more news.

Throughout years passed, Ward Manufacturing has participated in the annual Evanston Manufacturing Day. Watch the video below to see an overview of 2015’s Event!

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