About Us


Founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1944, Ward Manufacturing is a contract manufacturer that has the distinction of being an ISO 9001:2015 registered firm; specializing in progressive dies and drawn metal stamping.

Ward Manufacturing has positioned itself as a preferred/certified supplier to a diverse array of industries including but not limited to Aerospace/Defense, Heavy Machinery & Equipment, Construction/Green Building, Seal Components, Locomotive, Plumbing, Hardware, Natural Gas, and Truck/Tractor Trailer. Doing so, we have experienced steady, conservative, 100% debt free growth as well as continuous improvement throughout the years.

It is this history, combined with our long term, dedicated employees, that has given Ward Manufacturing a clear advantage over the competition.

Quality Policy

To manufacture and supply products and services that entirely and consistently satisfy the requirements defined by our customers. Supported by the community and the stakeholders involved, we are committed to assisting each other, as essential members of our quality system, in pursuing excellence. We will accomplish this by establishing and maintaining a quality system that focuses on:

  • Customers and their requirements as our primary focus.
  • People as our most valued assets.
  • Suppliers and customers (stakeholders) are long-term business partners.
  • Continual improvement being essential to success.
  • Zero defects and 100% on-time delivery as our goal.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to effectively and efficiently provide quality metal stampings that satisfy the specified requirements of its customers, and that comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements. We will serve our customers with superior service in our industry while creating extraordinary growth and sustainable profits. We will accomplish this by establishing an internal culture and core values of cooperation, understanding, continual improvement and community that involves all stakeholders.

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