Compound Die Metal Stamping

Compound die metal stamping is a metal stamping process that in ‘one stroke’ performs multiple cuts, punches, and bends. Typically utilized for the simpler, flat parts, but like progressive dies they too can produce forms, draws, and other geometric part requirements when designed right. These compound dies facilitate a cheap, efficient, and highly repeatable option for your stamping needs. Compound stamping dies are more often the cheaper approach when compared to progressive tooling. Commonly the method we try and apply to new quote requests.

Parts that need to be run through multiple different dies to reach their final desired shape are also a major use of compound tooling. Geometries that cannot be performed in progressive dies for a multitude of reasons can be completed in a secondary compound tool.

For customers that have many parts that require multiple hits in different dies, our manufacturing facility has a unique set of machines to run these types of parts very competitively. We can set up your compound dies in our line of four (4) 275-ton AIDA SERVO presses. Roller conveyors between each press transport parts from one press to the next. Easily adaptable to become more automated if the right project presented itself.

Ward’s Servo line provides the company with a unique competitive advantage over other stampers. Advantages of using Servo Presses on Compound stampings: Due to the infinite, optional stroke profiles that a servo press can be programmed for, it is often capable of running compound stampings as well as problem stampings more accurately and more efficiently than a conventional stamping press. In many cases eliminating operations as well as being able to run at increased speeds and being able to intermittently pause operations. Please call to find out more on how our (6) Servo presses can better support your new or existing stamping work!

Our facility has been in business for 79 years and has ZERO DEBT. (2) separate production facilities with press redundancies, and an offsite finished goods warehouse that holds safety stock for each of our 60+ customers. Assurance of supply to our customer is very important to us.

32 presses ranging from 10 tons to 330 tons (Including (6) Servo Presses)

.006” to .250”

Steel, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Hastelloy, Bronze, Beryllium Copper, Titanium, Platinum, and many others.

Aerospace, Agriculture, Appliance, Automotive, Communications, Construction, Electric Motors, Electronics, Emerging Energies, Fluid Powers, Furniture, Green Building, Hardware, Industrial Packaging, Locomotive, Marine, Medical, Military, Natural Gas, Plumbing, Truck and Tractor Trailer among many others

Caps, seals, cups, tags, shields, cans, clamps, retainers, covers, plates, diffusers, diaphragms, heat sinks, and many others

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

We have a separate 30,000 sq. ft. finished goods warehouse located 5 miles from our facility. We ship to all our customers via VMI, KAN BAN EDI and JIT. This works great for disaster recovery plans

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